Vintage is a way of life.

I worked at a second-hand store for 8 years. I learned the ins and outs of gently used clothing and accessories...from the latest trends, fashion terms, pricing, etc. But I wanted a store of my own, focusing on the world of one true love. I got compliments daily on my outfits, and people were shocked that I found it at the local Goodwill or Salvation Army, and not at the mall. So that's when I decided it was time to do my own thing, and become a full time thrift store shopper, and bring the fashions that I find and love available to everyone.

There is nothing more exciting than coming across a fantastic vintage piece in a thrift store. The people around me have passed over it, but inside I'm screaming, "ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Look at this fabulous (insert awesome vintage item here)! How can you pass this up!?" That is one of the greatest feelings in the world to me, as cheesy as that may sound! And knowing that there is a whole world of vintage lovers out there just like me, who will appreciate it and love it as much as I do. The hardest part...trying not to keep all the fantastic pieces to myself! ;)

Thank you for visiting my shop! Please check back because I will be adding vintage treasures frequently! And please don't forget to add me on Facebook! Happy vintage shopping! <3

One of my dresses has been featured in the lovely fashion Blog "Into the Woods" -